The Black Collaborative

The Story

Many Black organizations, clubs, churches, independent performers, and groups are still a part of the digital divide; the structure of these entities come and go.  People in charge may not have left the blue print for their members.  Or perhaps the economics of an organization doesn't allow for a website developer or host to maintain the website pages.

The Black Collaborative (The Black Collab) helps answer to those woes by providing groups, organizations and churches a simplified landing page so that online searchers can find the latest information regarding their entity.  The Black Collab also provides a moderator email for those wanting to contact the organization; if the moderator changes, no problem, the email stays the same and is handed over to the next person in charge; we are able to reset passwords from our base to avoid time loss and information loss.

The Black Collab makes it easier for other organizations to know what others around them are doing or they can share each others events to other social media platforms or send easily through email.

The Black Collab provides a free listing for the group signing up; we also advertise for all the groups collectively weekly, giving more visibility and ease of find for the general public looking for your organization, business or church.

Finally, The Black Collab is about building wealth for interested individuals; find valuable information on our Black Collab Wealth TV Channel (watch below 24/7) and learn more about investments, real estate, financial planning, wealth mindset, crypto currencies, NFT investing and more.

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