The Black Collaborative

The Story

      Many Black organizations, clubs, groups, churches, independent performers, micro businesses and entrepreneurs are still a part of the digital divide; the structure of non-profit entities come and go, while micro businesses struggle paying monthly operational costs. 


     For organizations, former boards of directors in charge may not have left the blue print for new board of directors.  For charitable groups, often the person once in charge who may have managed all aspects of the volunteer group's online website presence, if they decide to leave, so does the website presence they may have been paying for the group as a donation.  Or perhaps the economics of an organization doesn't allow for a website developer or host to maintain the website pages--or maybe there just is not a budget for it. 


      For new emerging business or micro businesses, one less cost toward marketing efforts is always a plus; free advertising by default of the visitors to The Black Collab website has its benefits.  Just to have a landing page as an online presence, increases potential sales and visibility.

     The Black Collaborative (The Black Collab) is an exclusive opportunity for West Coast-based Black entities, groups and businesses who would like to feature their presence online.  The Black Collab helps answer to those woes by providing groups, organizations, churches, entrepreneurs, and micro businesses a simplified landing page so that online consumers, potential customers and/or members can find the latest information regarding their Black niche interests. 

     The Black Collab provides a free listing for the entity or person signing up; we advertise for all the groups or businesses collectively weekly, giving more visibility and ease of find for the general public looking for your organization, business or church.

     Optional, The Black Collab can provide a moderator email for non-profit groups and organizations; if the moderator changes, no problem, the email stays the same and is handed over to the next person in charge; we are able to reset passwords from our base to avoid time loss and information loss, (must request.)

     Finally, The Black Collab is about building wealth for interested individuals; find valuable information on our Black Collab Wealth TV Channel (watch below 24/7) and learn more about investments, real estate, financial planning, wealth mindset, crypto currencies, NFT investing and more.

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The goal of The Black Collaborative is to provide an online collaboration space for the West Coast's diverse Black community to have a presence, to congregate, transact business, develop positive mindsets and build wealth through financial literacy.