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     The Black Collaborative (The Black Collab) has morphed into a free and free membership resource for those seeking information on financial literacy and wealth.  The website also carries a nationwide library of other business listings websites for people to explore.

  The Black Collab is about building wealth for interested individuals; find valuable information on our Black Collab Wealth TV Channel (watch below 24/7) and learn more about investments, real estate, financial planning, wealth mindset, crypto currencies, NFT investing and more.

The Black Collab Wealth TV Channel also has a virtual presence on the Black Headline News Virtual Event Center platform.

Business Conference


The original goal of The Black Collaborative was to provide an online collaboration space for the West Coast's diverse Black community to have a presence, to congregate, transact business, develop positive mindsets and build wealth through financial literacy.  It has now expanded as a nationwide resource for free financial literacy information, with a focus on the Black Collab Wealth TV Channel.

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