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Highbrow Hippie


Beauty industry trend forecaster turned natural, non-toxic salon owner Myka Harris and celebrity Hollywood hair colorist Kadi Lee have a combined 40 years of experience in beauty. When these friends of over two decades found themselves increasingly asked by their clients what they were wearing and reading, where they were going, and what they were buying, what transpired was a blog called Highbrow Hippie about everything from French pharmacy finds to current events, to musings on personal style, interior design, yoga, and crystals. Drawing on their years of insider knowledge; taking inspiration from far-flung locales including Paris, Munich, and Italy, Los Angeles, New York, Jamaica, and Atlanta; combining that with their own personal journeys and passions as professionals and free-spirits Highbrow Hippie focuses on beauty, wellness, and conscious living. Friends since meeting at Spelman College, Kadi and Myka have a point of view that is defined as much by their roots as their aspirations. Myka went on to attend Parsons School of Design in Paris while Kadi graduated from The Aveda Institute before they both landed in New York City to pursue their careers.

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